Year 2017


1. “Workers in the art of music” who are European citizens and who have reached the age of 65 may be admitted for hospitality.
Admission of the Guests is decided by the Board, having examined age, needs, and artistic merit.

The term “workers in the art of music” is meant to indicate:
orchestra musicians,
music teachers,
dancers, and all those who have exercised the art of music as a profession.

2. [Musicians'] spouses, widows, and widowers who are not musicians may also be admitted to the Home, and so may persons whom a Guest is maintaining in accordance with the law and depending upon available rooms.

Contributions toward hospitality

1. Workers in the art of music contribute to the expenses of hospitality proportional to their taxable incomes. The Board has the right to grant free hospitality in special situations;

2. Spouses and other non-musician Guests must pay a monthly amount in advance; this sum is determined each year by the Board of Directors for the complete reimbursement of the expenses of hospitality.

Application method

Interested persons may apply for admission with a written application addressed to the Board of Directors of the Musicians' Home Foundation; the following documents must be attached:

  • certificates demonstrating that the Applicant has, for a reasonable number of years, been a professional artist (composer, singer, conductor, music teacher, chorus member, etc.) or possesses another document that would allow for admission in keeping with the Home's regulations;
  • certificate of Italian citizenship or of citizenship in another European Union country;
  • marital status;
  • self-certification of birth, residence, and income;
  • photocopy of Identity Card;
  • certificates of pension, modello unico, or income tax return;
  • social security number;
  • curriculum vitae.



Young music students may also be admitted for hospitality; they must be at least eighteen years old, needy, worthy, and enrolled in one of Milan's recognized music schools:

Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music of Milan;
Academy of the Teatro alla Scala;
Polytechnic of Arts and Languages - International Music Academy - Civic Schools of Milan.

Contributions toward hospitality

Students admitted to the Home must pay monthly board in advance for the reimbursement of expenses of hospitality, which includes room and 30 meal tickets (half pension); it is also possible to have 60 meal tickets (full pension).

For 2009 the contributions toward hospitality are as follows:

€ 427,00   single room - half pension
€ 360,00   double room - half pension
€ 500,00   single room - full pension
€ 427,00   double room - full pension

Method of application

Students who are interested in becoming Guests may apply through the offices of their respective educational institutions, or they may apply directly to the Musicians' Home Foundation, indicating, in addition to their personal information, the course of study they are taking, with a certificate of enrollment.